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Welcome to QES

QES is a fresh new company based in Naples, Italy, founded and run by Val, a young designer and musician.

Its mission is to manufacture the highest level of performing pro audio gear, handcrafted in only a few units, and totally customizable. Artisan products modeled after the end user requests, a real introduction of handicraft into the pro audio! The custom-made units are the power of the company. Actually it operates in the professional audio field, supplying recording studios and designing custom solutions.

QES is able to place on the market all of the products and brands it manufactures, with the correct marketing mix variables, conducting marketing researches with respect to Brand Awareness and Customer Satisfaction.

This way of operating places QES in the van for the design of custom solutions, thanks to the constant dialogue with the client.

QES shall devote its best attention to the client needs, offering technical support, project managing, installation, test, maintenance and repairing of its products.

Our web site is constantly updated.

QES is run by a single person, and has a laboratory always available for technical support.

Check the list of our worldwide distributors.


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