Welcome to QES Labs

Our mission is to manufacture the highest level of performing audio gear, handcrafted in only a few units, and totally customizable. High-range artisan products modeled after the end user requests. We are proud of having our clients involved in the exciting process of assembling their unique piece of gear. The custom-made units are the power of the company. Operating for years in the professional audio field, supplying recording studios and designing custom solutions

we are able to place on the market all of the products and brands we manufacture, with the correct marketing mix variables, conducting marketing researches with respect to Brand Awareness and Customer Satisfaction. This way of operating places QES in the van for the design of custom solutions, thanks to the constant dialogue with the client. We shall devote our best attention to the client needs, offering technical support, project managing, installation, test, maintenance and repairing of our products.

How to buy?

Our products are handcrafted in Italy and are available through Direct Sale between us and the end user.

Optimizing costs

Through direct sale orders the best price can be guaranteed, avoiding annoying third-party fees. All of your investment goes into parts and labor.

Request a quote

To get a quote, inquiry for a product, and know all the upgrade and configuration options available for the products of your interest, the fastest and easiest way is to send us an email. Specify your location and ZIP code, you will receive a personalized quote including our best offer and estimated lead times.

OEM OED original custom designs

Do you have a brand? Would you like to take advantage of our experience in product development to bring your own product faster on the market? Drop us an email to discuss about your project.