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[20.09.12] ADC-10 Mastering Stereo A-D Converter
Flexible analog input stage, selectable between vacuum tube and solid state based circuitry, 32-bit architecture A-D conversion chip, up to 384kHz sampling rates.
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[15.06.12] 133rd AES Convention
We'll be at the 133rd AES Convention, on Oct. 27, 28, 29, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, 747 Howard Street.
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[06.01.12] Multi-band Mastering Processor
A passive crossover splits the signal in a multi-band insert (send/return), which can be independently processed through different compressors. The returns from the compressors are passively summed, and sent to the stereo main output. Fully balanced, passive signal route and crossover filters for perfect tonal balance and flat response. The highest quality passive components were used.3 or 4-band split-sum available.
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[20.04.10] Italians Do It Better
We'll be there: the first meeting of the most representative Italian Manufacturer of Professional Audio
organization by Start Up Audio ... more

Italians Do It Better

[21.03.09] QES Labs at Head-Fi NYC Meet
We were there with the custom 'twin channel' balanced headphone amplifier HPBA-2-TC ... more

[26.01.09] HPBA-2-TC 'Twin Channel' Balanced Headphone Amplification System
Custom made for one of our clients. Equipped with two twin stereo units and 'feed-thru' outputs to connect further expansion units. ... more

[01.09.07] OC-6 Mono tube optical compressor limiter
The unique electro-optical attenuator allows instantaneous action of compression without increase in harmonic distortion, a clear, warm and punchy compression suitable for vocals, instruments, mix. ... more

[31.10.06] Battery PSU for studio mixing consoles
Power supply unit for studio mixing consoles that works with rechargeable batteries, allowing powering the console starting from clean energy, thus increasing the signal to noise ratio. Get rid of hums, buzzes, noises coming from mains.

[20.09.06] SMP-2 Stereo Microphone Preamplifier
Twin channel tube mic preamp optimized for stereophonic recording techniques, such as: A/B, X/Y, M/S, ORTF, Blumlein, etc.  ... more

[19.07.06] MEQ-1 Mastering Equalizer
Announced: reference tube mastering equalizer, main unit + PSU.

[19.01.06] Valve selection: refining the species
The criteria that we use to match the vacuum tubes utilised in our products. ...more

[01.01.06] QES tube technology for anybody
It is possible to download the brochures of all of our products.