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OC-6 Tube optical compressor limiter. A channel of pure compression: instantaneous, musical and transparent.

A unique electro-optical attenuation system allows instantaneous peak reduction with no increased harmonic distortion, which is directly driven by the input signal, thus achieving an immediate action, always following the musical passages.

This way of driving the peak reduction system of the compressor allows to obtain a fast, accurate, transparent compression, always prone to follow the musicality of the audio programme, with an extremely low distortion even on the highest rates of compression.

The unit is hand-built and most of the components are custom made to our specifications. The transformers used in the audio path use a very high quality core lamination material, optimized winding structures, which minimize leakage inductance and distributed capacitance, for a more extended and flat bandwidth.

The components used are all selected with the strictest tolerance, and tested by ear.


OC-6 Tube opto-compressor OC-6

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Mono tube compressor limiter
Controlled by an electro-optical attenuator
All valve-based circuitry
Totally analog processing
Fully filtered and regulated power supply
Low noise and distortion
Instantaneous compressor action
Transparent compression on vocals, instruments, mix
Warm and mellow timbre, clean and "punchy"
Incredibly wide dynamic range
Linear frequency response over the entire audio range and beyond

Technical data Download the brochure
tube opto compressor

Frequency response (+0 -0.5dB): 18Hz—30kHz
-3 dB point: 76 kHz
C.M.R.R.: ›60dB
Signal/noise ratio at 20dB 22Hz/22kHz 600Ω terminated: ›80dBu
Maximum output level for 1% THD+Noise: +22dBm
Input impedance: 1.5kΩ
Output impedance: 600Ω
Quality transformers with 4:1 ratio
Attack time: 10 mSec.
Release time:
Approx 0.06 Sec. for 50% release, 0.5 Sec. to 5 Sec. for complete release
Panel size: standard two rack space (2U)
Net weight: 15.87 lbs (7.2 kg)
Dimensions (LxHxD): 19x3.46x11.81 in, 483x88x300mm