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Reference listening systems: the sound how it is, not how it should be.

A true class A S.E. monoblock power amplifier for your reference monitor systems, with ground-breaking performance, clean power, sophisticated control and rock-steady reliability.

A powerful and versatile tool for everyday use in your high end reproduction chain. The entire amplification process occurs on a single board, achieving the most direct and transparent signal path possible, so every nuance of the original audio signal reaches the output stage. Clean power controlled with absolute precision. 'Mono-block' construction, independent power supply for each stage, not derived from the main psu, assure that the stages cannot influence each other. 3-D depth, focus and detail are reproduced in a flawless way.

Absolute quality components for intensive use in studio in a professional environment.


PA-80-MB Monoblock Power Amplifier PA-80 Reference Amp

Reference monitoring Pure Class A Monoblock power amplifier
Short signal path for maximum detail of reproduction
Wide dynamic range
Vast quantities of clean power controlled with absolute precision
Reliable performance over time
Fully solid state and fully balanced
XLR inputs and gold plated speaker binding posts
Mono block construction for maximum channel separation
Improved stereo image
Toroidal transformer and independent power supply for each stage
3 independent power supplies for each stage for improved 3-D depth, detail and focus
Frequency response absolutely flat over the entire audio range and beyond

Technical data Download the brochure

Frequency response (-3dB): 1.5Hz—100KHz
Output Power into 8Ω: 80Wrms
T.H.D. at 1kHz: 0.002%
Intermodulation distortion: 90dB below fundamental
Input impedance, balanced: 50KΩ
Output impedance: 0.15Ω
Signal to noise ratio at peak output into 8Ω: -115dB
Sensitivity: +4 dBu
Voltage gain, balanced: 26 dB
Peak output voltage into 8Ω: 25.3Vrms
Dimensions (width, depth, height): 17.12x15.75x6.5 inches (435x400x165mm)
Net weight: 44 lbs (20 kg)