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Reference listening systems: the sound how it is, not how it should be.
Audio heaven in a pocket: Class A S.E. design portable-Desktop headphone amplifier.

Our design philosophy for headphone amplifier is to faithfully reproduce the most subtle nuances contained in the musical message with the maximum detail and sobriety.

A Single Ended Pure Class A design gives the ability of driving without effort just about any headphone: from 8 to 600 ohm impedance. Sound is pristine, detailed with focus.
Vanishingly low noise floor, due to the extremely low internal resistance lead-gel battery, which supplies clean power to the amplifier.

It falls in between a desktop and a portable model, strongly built, it is solid enough to take the abuse of travelling. You can use it with the most demanding In-Ear Monitors IEMs or high-end headphones, and obtain the highest listening experience.

Also available our battery charger. Optional upgrades: USB DAC, iPhone/iPod dock, solar panel operated battery charger.

The components used are all selected with the strictest tolerance, and tested by ear.


Portable/Desktop Headphone Amp Fuga Series

Desktop - Portable Headphone Amplifier
Solid state pure Class A Single Ended circuitry
Rechargeable battery operated
Ability to drive low ohm loads
Low noise floor
Binding posts on rear panel to drive small speakers
Optional USB Digital to Analog Conversion board
Optional iPhone-iPod dock
Rechargeable in 3 hours
Frequency response absolutely flat over the entire audio range and beyond

Technical data Download the brochure

Frequency response, 8Ω, 0.5W, both channels driven, +0/-0.5dB: 5Hz—50KHz
Continuous output power, 8Ω, 20Hz-20kHz, both channels driven: 0.6Wrms
Signal/noise ratio, 8Ω, 22Hz-22KHz: ›100dB
Input impedance: 50KΩ
Output impedance: <1Ω
Dimensions in inches (WxHxD) : 4.88 x 3.46 x 9.06
Net weight: 7.05lbs (3.2Kg)
Shipping weight: 9.92lbs (4.5Kg)