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Can digital audio sound detailed, smooth and very musical without adding any harshness? This was the question we had in mind when designing the ADC-10.
We strove to achieve this goal, and we used the best solutions for the task.
A completely selectable analog input stage, that can switch between vacuum tube and solid state based circuitry, for incredible flexibility and musicality, custom wound extended bandwidth transformers to allow for natural anti-aliasing, high-precision 1024x fs isolated temperature compensated crystal oscillators (“TCXOs”) for ultra stable clock generation, extremely low phase noise and jitter, the A-D conversion chip featuring a 32-bit internal resolution, can operate up to 384 kHz sample rates, and thanks to the “HyperStream™ Sabre Reference” architecture, it can give to recordings that smoothness typical of reel tape machines, unlike Delta-Sigma converters, Sabre's internal HyperStream modulator can achieve 100% modulation (only 50% for Δ-Σ chips), and does not create none-periodic Steady State Noise, whilst ΔΣ modulators do.
The ear is exquisitely sensitive to “unusual” sources of noise, cause of the harshness attributed to digital recordings.
The sound from highs through to lows is rich and pleasing, full of nuances and details, the low frequency response is amazingly smooth, tight and articulated, no distorion or compression, stereo image very well balanced.
A sound that is difficult to put into words.

The analog input stages are kept balanced from the input connectors throughout to the converter chips. Output formats are AES/EBU in single wire technique, S/PDIF as well as High Speed USB for a direct connection to computers.

Entirely hand-crafted. The components used are all selected with the strictest tolerance, and tested by ear.


ADC-10 Stereo A-D Converter ADC-10

2 Channel Stereo Analog to Digital Converter
Intended for Mastering, Recording
Flexible analog input stage, selectable between vacuum tube or solid state based circuitry
Two independent custom wound toroidal core mains transformers (1 for analog, 1 for digital section)
15 independent fully regulated low noise power supply sections (8 for analog, 7 for digital sections)
Entirely balanced signal route for improved noise rejection
Neutrik gold plated connectors
High speed low noise fully differential OpAmps for the solid state analog input stage
No feedback fully differential vacuum tube analog input stage
6-step input trimming
50 segment input level bargraph
Ample OLED control display, constantly showing Fs and Bit Depth
Linear frequency response over the entire audio range and beyond
Ultra linear phase response

Technical data Download the brochure

Frequency response at 192kHz (+0/-3dB): 10Hz — 55kHz
C.M.R.R., 1kHz: 90dB
THD+N, -3dBFS, 1kHz, solid state: -102dB
Signal/noise ratio, solid state, at 0dBFS, +24dBu, 22Hz/22KHz, A-Weighted: 127dB
Sensitivity for 0dBFS, in 6 steps: +18 to +24 dBu
Supported sample rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8, 384 kHz
Input impedance: 20KΩ
Digital Outputs: AES/EBU, S/pdif Toslink, USB 2.0
Chassis: Rackmount (through L-bars), 2-unit, 10mm aluminum face plate
Dimensions (WxHxD) inches: 19 x 3.465 x 16.14
Net weight: 25.13 lbs