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A true balanced stereo control unit for your monitor systems, with passive circuitry for the most of signal path, active in the mono summing.
The main signal path, being totally passive, adds no coloration or noise, retaining the last bit of transparency.

A powerful and versatile tool for everyday professional use in the modern studio. It can manage three stereo inputs and two speaker pairs, with the possibility to simulate, through the use of a Subwoofer, the satellite listening in Home Theater applications.

The three LED meters allow instantaneous and accurate monitoring of VU and stereo phase correlation.
Absolute quality components for intensive use in studio in a professional environment.


SMC-7 Stereo monitor controller SMC-7 passive controller

Stereo balanced monitor control system
Passive circuitry, except for mono summing
Wide dynamic range
It is possible to check for mono-compatibility
It can manage two speaker pairs (main and nearfield)
Possibility of 'satellite' simulation in home theatre applications
Stepped volume control with precision resistors for superior tracking between channels
24-step precision attenuator (47 steps on request)
Mono summing, L+R, -L-R, L-R, R-L
Maximum channel separation
Frequency response absolutely flat over the entire audio range and beyond

Technical data Download the brochure

Suggested driving impedance from source: ≤600Ω
C.M.R.R. ›60dB
Crosstalk: >100dB
Suggested max signal level: +30dBu
Suggested connecting cable: 15pF/ft 1.3-1.6 ft long
Avg characteristic impedance: 2kΩ