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Two channel, stereo matched microphone preamplifier uncompromised in sonic character, technical specification, and mechanical workmanship. Combining a precisely matched quartet of discrete low noise bipolar transistors in a full symmetrical (balanced) input circuitry with a laser trimmed DC coupled BiFET output driver stage, in a differential topology which delivers extremely wide dynamic range, intended for demanding acoustic work. Uncompromising circuit design with meticulous selection and hand-matching of critical components assures consistently transparent audio performance at all dynamic excursions and frequency extensions.

Quality at an affordable price.

An equipment entirely hand-crafted.

The components used are all selected with the strictest tolerance, and tested by ear.

TFE-3 Dual channel mic preamp TFE-3

Dual channel microphone preamplifier
Intended for demanding acoustic applications
Transistor - solid state circuitry
Extremely clean toroidal transformer for low noise power supply
2 full balanced microphone inputs
Full symmetrical (balanced) input stage with precision matched quartet of low noise bipolar transistors
Laser trimmed low noise precision dual BiFET opamp in differential mode in the output stage
Linear frequency response over the entire audio range and beyond

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Frequency response: 5Hz-100KHz -3dB
C.M.R.R.: ›80dB
Signal/noise ratio at 60dB 22Hz/22KHz : ›68dBu
Maximum output level for 1% THD+Noise: +25dBm
Input impedance: 2,200 ohms
Output impedance: 50 ohms